Portfolio Category: Cloud&Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization

Benefits: Increased productivity Less downtime, increased productivity among end users Allow users to work from anywhere Security Data cannot be copied to an external drive or saved to any other location than the server Access to IT resources (apps, files, internet, etc.) can be managed in a centralized and granular manner Cost Savings: IT Support…
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Application virtualization

Application virtualization is the idea that a particular app or piece of software should be in no way dependent on an operating system resting just underneath it Most application virtualization programs work in more or less the same way. A snapshot of a bare-bone OS installation is being taken, then you install the application and…
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Cloud Virtual Infrastructure

Benefits:  Flexibility easy to operate changes and to satisfy business needs allows tests to take place without risks Cost effective less hardware to pay for, power and operate Increase staff productivity Ecological less resources need to satisfy the same business needs reduces the carbon footprint of your business High-availability easily to integrate business continuity solutions…
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