IT Infrastructure Monitoring System


  • Enables data driven decisions
  • Ensures that your IT infrastructure works as it should
  • Knows how your it infrastructure is performing at any moment
  • Detects and address any possible issue proactively
  • Boosts productivity and efficiency of your team
  • Presents non-disputable historical detail
  • Translates the IT infrastructure parameters into a dashboard easy to understand by anyone, technical or non-technical


Levels of monitoring

  • Monitoring at the hardware level
  • Monitoring at the OS health/Subsystem level health
  • Monitoring application components on premise
  • Monitoring the application components in the cloud



  • monitoring all server event logs
  • monitoring for proper AV updates and activity
  • monitoring backup status, whether on-site or remote
  • monitoring firewall activity, hack/spam relay attempts
  • monitoring system bottlenecks (system processes, processor/ram utilization, etc.)
  • monitoring application services (Exchange, ISA, IIS, etc.)
  • real-time Inventory collection and web-based reporting

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